PATH Student Resources

PATH Student Resources
UX Designer, User Testing, User Research.
Jolt Foundation (Bradley Class Project)

PATH Student Resources Project

This project was part of my UX capstone, where I was prompted to design and prototype a software that displays resources for high school students to help them achieve success. Along with resources, there also included goal tracking, progress tracking, mood tracking, teacher / counselor messaging, and a badge system to the design. Upon completion, this software is set to be tested at Streator Township High School

To kick off the process, I was responsible for finding out more about the users of the product. With this in mind, I surveyed multiple high school counselors as well as students to narrow down the features to include in the design / prototype. After some collaboration with my fellow UX graduates, the software's design and prototype were complete.

Below shows a link to the prototype, as well as the exact step by step process the project took.

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