Caterpillar Fleet Management Solution

Caterpillar Fleet Management Solution
Visual Designer / User Tester
Caterpillar (Bradley Class Integration)

Caterpillar Fleet Management System Design

This project comes from a Bradley University class partnering with Caterpillar's UX team, where they challenged us students to design a more efficient fleet management system. This was in the fall of 2020, I was grouped with three fellow UX students to complete the project with. After about a month of spending time on research and making the visual designs, we were partnered with a UX professional from Caterpillar to critique and improve our designs. After all the teams submitted their final work, the judges from Caterpillar ruled my team and I as having the best design. We then got to present our design at Caterpillar's World Usability Day the following week. Great experience and perspective was gained through this project, which helped me get ready to start a career in the industry.

The Process

After being teamed up with fellow students in my class, we right to work starting off with some user research, which then led us to creating some personas, journey maps, and information architecture maps. We then used CAT's design library to put together our solutions for user testing, then revised our design for the final judging. All screens were made in Figma.

Below is a photo link to the prototype of what we made for the competition.

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